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Sports Clearance

A sports clearance is an in depth assessment of your child’s heart prior to participation in physical activity. The goal of a sports clearance is to prevent sudden death. Although sudden death is rare, sports clearances can help provide peace of mind especially when there has been a family history of heart disease or other potential symptoms.
Pediatrix Cardiology of Southern California offers 2 types of Sports Clearances:

  • Limited – which consists of a Limited Echo & an EKG for $250
  • Complete – which consists of a Complete Echo & an EKG for $500

The limited echo focuses on structural abnormalities generally associated with sudden death. This includes hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, assessment of ventricular function and ruling out coronary defects. In addition to the structural abnormalities, the complete echo also includes a screening for congenital heart disease and other potential defects, such as holes in the heart.

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